Aquarium Manager for Windows 95

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Aquarium Manager for Windows 95

Version 1.50 build 8b

NOTE : This version (1.50.8b) is still a beta version, so if you do not feel comfortable with using betaware, please DO NOT download it.

(Note : Both self extracting .EXE file and plain zipped .ZIP files are available, ZIP files are a bit smaller in size for advanced users.)

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If you find the local host to be too slow and inactive, you may want to try downloading the file using the following mirror links.

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A freeware marine / reef aquarium management program designed for Windows 95.

Install instructions :

Self extracting .EXE file

To install, simply run the AquaMan.exe and click on the setup button to install Aquarium Manager

Plain zipped .ZIP file

To install, unzip the zip file into a temporary directory (e.g. c:\temp), and run the file setup.exe to install Aquarium Manager

Uninstall instructions :

To uninstall, simply double click on the Uninstall Aquarium Manager icon in the Aquarium Manager folder.

Online Manual

Click on the above link to access the online manual and obtain help information about Aquarium Manager.


Click on image to see a larger version.


Aquarium Manager will help you maintain your marine / reef aquarium much easier by logging down the varies important water quality parameters of your aquarium then display it in graph forms.

System requirement :

Aquarium Manger for Windows 95
486 system with 8 MB Ram or above
Windows 95 System

What's New :

Ver 1.50.8b

- Added the ability to delete existing records.
- Added True Salinity Convertor.
- Added more reference information.
- Added Online Manual for Aquarium Manager.
- Added InstallShield setup program.
- Enhanced about dialog, added Internet links.
- Automatically register file type .AQM with Windows 95.
- Open data file simply by double click on any .AQM file.

Ver 1.30.7b

- Added 6 new columns.
- Added data analyser.
- Added print function.
- Changed frame size to fit perfectly into a 640x480 screen.
- Fixed more bugs.
- Fully compatible with save files from previous versions.

Ver 1.20.6b

- Fixed a minor bug with the graph color warning system.

Ver 1.20.5b

- Fixed a minor bug with the comments column.

Ver 1.20.4b

- Added new data columns.
- Added filter to import old save files.
- Added units to graphs.
- Change the scale and range of the graphs.
- Changed some interface stuffs.
- Fixed more bugs.

Ver 1.10.3b

- Added unit convertor and reference.
- Added dockable toolbar.
- Changed interface.
- Fixed bugs.

Ver 1.00.2b

- First publicly released version.

Ver 1.00.1b

- First version, not released as graph component not working.

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