Aquarium Manager Online Manual

Read the following topics to learn more about how to operate Aquarium Manager.

Menu Commands

File Menu

File | New

To create a new data files.

You can keep seperate logs of several aquariums at the same time, use this function to create new data files. If there are modified data, you'll be prompted to save the data before creating a new file.

File | Open

To open an existing data files.

Everytime you wish to make changes to an existing log file, you can do so but opening the data file with this command. If there are modified data, you'll be prompted to save the data before opening another file.

File | Save

To Save an existing data files.

When you've completed all the data updates and changes, you can save this modified data file with this command.

File | Save As

To Save an existing data files to a different file.

If you wish to save a data file with a different filename, you can do so with this command.

File | Print

To Print out records or graphs.

When you want to print out any data from Aquarium Manager, you can do so with this command. You can print anything from data entries to graphs to output from the unit convertor to even any reference information provided in Aquarium Manager. Whenever you click on the Print menu item or button, you'll print out all the content of the current window.

File | Exit

To Exit Aquarium Manager.

When you have done with Aquarium Manager, you can exit the program with this command. If there are modified data, you'll be prompted to save the data before existing.

Record Menu

Record | Add

To Add a new record entry.

Whenever you want to add a new entry to the log data, you can do so with this command. The current time and date will be automatically entered to the first 2 columns of every new record. If you wish to use another date/time, you can manually change them.

Record | Delete

To Delete an existing record entry.

If you have make a mistake in the record entries, you can delete the complete record entry with this command. You'll be prompted before the actual deletion is taken place.

Help Menu

Help | Online Manual

To open up the online manual with a web broswer.

If your system is equipped with Internet access and a web browser, this command will automatically launch your web browser and point to this online manual.

Help | About

To obtain more information about Aquarium Manager.

This command will show a "About" dialog which describes some minute details about Aquarium Manager.

Program Information

Data Entry

You can enter all sort of water parameter data in this page, click on the scrollbars to see more columns.


You can select which water parameter you wish to plot, once the item have been selected, the graph will be drawn and updated immediately, you can use right click and drag on the graph to scroll the graphs to left or right.

Data Analysis

You can analyze your data with this function. Varies important information will be shown here, and recommendations on how to handle your aquarium will also be available if it needs maintainence due to poor water condition.

Unit Convertor

You can convert varies volume and temperature units from one type to another easily with the Unit Convertor. You can also use the True Salinity Convertor to calculate the true salinity in ppt of your water based on S.G. readings and temperature.


Some reference information important to marine/reef aquarium keeping are shown here.

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